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  I am a german artist. I studied painting and illustration at the Academy of Contemporary Art in Munich and Stuttgart where I met Chico Bialas the Photographer (www.chicobialas.com). We fell in love and formed a partnership. Both marital and professional that has withstood the test of time. As art director and photographer we worked together to give our pictures the individuality the fashion culture of Paris soon recognized. In 1982 we moved there with our sons
Martin now a sculptor and Eric a movie cameraman, to enjoy the wide creative field of fashion, magazines and advertising that in time led me to painting.
I learned a lot in those years about composition, tone and movement, evident in my work, but it was not until we moved to Ibiza that I really began to paint the
sense of calm quiet strength in women.
I spread colour beneath the outline of their bodies to create the temperature of their inner sesuality - my women are voluptuous, compelling and strong.
I held my first exhibition in Paris in 1989 but I believe living in rural Ibiza has given me the freedom to work with continuity and growth, resulting in the series of paintings illustrated here: serie rouge, tranparences, fluorescenses, inspiracion flamenca and drawings etc..
  s e r i e s
entre mer et ciel
directors cut
obras de los
años 80 / 90
il était une fois

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